Video Stream your next event live online or have it on demand

Live internet video streaming using our software & servers in real time to multiple devices

Video Stream Your Next Event Live

Live Video Streaming Case Study - Westfield's

Rachel Zoe streamed her presentataion live from her studio in Los Angeles and had an interactive converstation to an audience in Sydney.
This was then streamed live to the Westfield website. Any type of event can be broadcast live with our streaming encoders to your website which is also viewable on most mobile devices, iPhones and iPads.


What is video streaming

Video Streaming shares your event to a larger audience on multiple platforms such as a website or Facebook. Any type of event can be broadcast live with our streaming encoders which is then viewable on most mobile devices, iPhones iPads and your website.

Benefits of Video Streaming.

# BROADCAST LIVE ON PORTABLE MOBILE DEVICES. Your audience can view the videostream on their iPads, mobiles, Laptops and other portable mobile devices; thus extending the reach of your event.

# WE CAN CREATE A BRANDED WEBPAGE. We can design an effect website for your video stream or we can stream live to your own website..

# USE SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS. Engage with your audience through integrating social media feeds into your event’s videostream. Your viewers will see alternating video with data and have the opportunity to participate via Twitter or Facebook.

# REACH YOUR AUDIENCE NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE. Streamgate can deliver high quality video of your event to any where with an internet connection. We can also turn your event into a DVD after the event.

With many options available call or email our office today and we will put together a quote to suite your events streaming needs.
Stream your next event or conference via our streaming software on the internet. broadcast live or on demand to iPads, Mobiles, Laptops, or iPhones